La No Guía

What if you mix Animals + Art + Rock ‘n’ roll? You’d have a NO Guide with all the flow.


This is NOT a Fauna Guide. Or is it? By the time you discover it, it might already be too late. By then, you’ll have learned about birds with a drag queen’s soul, bears that could be Marvel’s star signings, toads that sing like Taburete, wolves that were VIP guests at the South Africa World Cup without anyone knowing, or sturgeons in love with a pearl.


These are the first words that introduce you to this peculiar book.


The objective was to reach a target audience little or not familiar with the Iberian fauna. This is achieved through a different writing style than usual in these types of editorial works, which are often written in a technical and unfriendly manner. This writing style is accompanied by a richly chromatic art direction. I faced the challenge of capturing the essence of the work and guiding the reader through its pages in an immersive and appealing way. Thus, I arrived at a solution that includes a simple and dynamic layout, filled with colorful highlights strategically placed to capture the reader’s attention at every turn. Every detail was carefully considered to emphasize key elements of the narrative and provide a fluid and stimulating reading experience.


The clever use of color and striking graphic elements breathed life into each page, creating a unique atmosphere that reflected the book’s content. The visual highlights not only emphasized essential points in the text but also served as guideposts for the reader to navigate through the material with ease. The layout was designed to appeal to both the curious reader and design enthusiasts, creating a perfect synergy between content and presentation. This project represents a masterful blend of art and functionality, offering readers a gratifying and memorable experience on each page.


The project involved coordinating a team of over 20 people over a year of work. Numerous top illustrators from the national and international scene, such as Belin and Dani Hache, have contributed their talents to this project, which donates a significant portion of its profits to the Serbal NGO. Moreover, the book is printed on recycled paper with environmentally-friendly vegetable inks.