Sobre Mí


I am NATALIA ARNEDO graphic designer

I am a graduate in graphic design, and my specialization is editorial design. Each editorial piece is a little work of art that I enjoy from its conception to its circulation. I am passionate about what I do, which is why I am always in constant learning.

This has led me to immerse myself fully in the UX/UI universe: grids, hierarchies, and schematization are three of the foundations that I have always employed in editorial design and that have much to do with web design. Now you can easily find me designing the interface of a webpage or, conversely, the layout of a book.

I live surrounded by books, and since long before I started in the world of graphic design I already knew that this was what I wanted to dedicate myself to. I am a lover of culture in general, and of literature in particular. I analyze every editorial work that falls into my hands thoroughly to always seek the best of it. Whether it’s a book, a catalog, or a magazine: I promise it won’t elude me.

I was born in Badalona (Barcelona), although I have been living between Málaga and Granada since I was young. Despite this, I am open to projects from all over the world.

Internet has no borders!