Creating a strong visual identity is crucial for any business. On this occasion, I developed the entire branding for Páramo, a duo of young professionals dedicated to photography and videography.


The first step in creating a visual identity is to understand the brand’s personality and unique selling proposition. This involves identifying the company’s values, mission, and vision, as well as its target audience and competition.


The brand’s name, Páramo, emerged as a spin-off from another brand they are already working on, called Deserto. Both brands are linked by their philosophy, intentionality, vision, and approach to each project. While Páramo aims to be a platform for creativity and idea dissemination, doubling as a producer of documentary pieces, Deserto focuses on wedding videos, couple videos, and artistic pieces about Love.


Conceptually, both brands are united by the idea of a unique ecosystem where the necessary conditions (isolation and adverse weather) foster the appearance of endemic fauna and flora adapted to these conditions. In the case of Páramo, it embodies the image of an arid plain in contrast to the Oasis figure in a desert.


Similar to a cultural magazine or publication, Páramo is born out of an essential need to explore and understand the world around us with an attentive, open, and curious attitude. It seeks to point in new directions within the human scene that now constitutes what will compose a catalog of vital, cultural, and artistic movements in the future, while also addressing relevant themes in the history of our time.